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Artit Prize Award

Submission deadline: 2020-02-29

This time there’s no explicit theme… We’re giving you the freedom to inspire us with your art, no matter the style, subject matter or genre. Show us your technique, vision and creativity. The call is open to visual artists anywhere in the world, working with traditional media. Upload your work on your portfolio on our website and submit it for review. The works of the 100 finalists for this award will be featured in the“Voice of Artists” International Print Publication Issue 10, and will be showcased across all our online channels and our digital gallery, reaching a powerful community of art-lovers and curators. Entrants to our Awards receive massive online exposure, so enter your work now and take advantage of this opportunity. Only two-dimensional visual art mediums (expect photography) are welcome. Lastly, don’t just blindly apply - be thoughtful of the artwork you are submitting. Success is in the details. Shows us what your work is worth by giving us your most precise description of it. Don’t forget to include the title, medium and dimensions. Participate for free and with no more than 6 artworks. Good luck to all! Art Opportunity Cover: Former Prize Winner © Paul Neberra

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Artist Spotlight

Submission deadline: 2020-05-30

At Artit, we offer digital and print promo and interview opportunities for creative projects and prominent artists around the globe. Each article will feature a different inspiring artist. Both established artists, and emerging talents will be featured. (We recognize the challenges some artists may face in getting their artwork noticed regardless of talent, so the emphasis will be on those creatives) To have your own special article promoted through our platform for free, create your portfolio and submit your work. Once we receive your request, our creative team will review your work and get back to with tailored made interview questions, based on the artworks you have uploaded in your portfolio. Success is in details. Shows us what your work is worth by giving us your most precise description of it. Don’t forget to include social media links and additional information for every artwork, including title, medium and dimensions etc. Should you wish to promote your work and ideas beyond the interview format, please forward your request to

Deadline ends at: